Hello, I am Amita

I’m a Thai property lawyer

With a passion for property law, I’ve dedicated myself to assisting clients navigating through the complex legal landscapes surrounding property transactions in Thailand. I have experience, as a lawyer, working with clients both in Thailand and abroad, so I am happy to provide my services online.

Whether you’re a local resident, a foreign investor, an expat, or just someone looking to buy a vacation home in Thailand, I’m here to help.


I consult and provide various services in English or Thai.


Property sales, purchases, and lease

Sale, purchase, leasing of real estate transactions whether it’s simple or complex, big or small.


Company formation and purchases

To operate a business in Thailand, it is necessary to establish a business entity and obtain a business license. I assist in choosing the appropriate business structure that suits your needs.


Estate administration

Managing the legal process that the assets, belongings, and will must go through after one passes away to ensure that the final wishes are carried out smoothly and efficiently.


Will and testament

Create or modify a will and testament to secure all the assets and provide you greater peace of mind and ensure that it is made pursuant to the required formalities under Thai Law.


TIN & Income tax

Your income source can include retirement pensions, employment salaries, dividends, rental income, and other taxable assets. Are you a tax resident? You can depend on my up-to-date tax consultation services. Read more about tax in my articles.


Family law

Full range of family law services arising after family breakdown, including property, children, divorce, and child support. My focus is on out-of-court solutions.



I resolve disputes through the court system, whether you are facing a breach of contract, personal injury, or property dispute.


Notarial services

Notarizing documents, certifying copies, assuring translations, and legalizing various documents such as birth, marriage, or life certificates. The last one extends to pensioners who require such documentation to guarantee their income from overseas.


Visas and work permits

Guidance and assistance with various visa categories, ranging from family-based visas to employment, business, investment, retirement, or permanent residency. Additionally, I help with 90-day reporting and other immigration-related transactions.


Usufructs and servitudes

Legal entitlement that allows a person to utilize and gain advantages from someone else’s property, including the right to receive the income generated during the granted period. While it is commonly granted to close family members, it may also be given to other parties.


Other services

Haven’t you found what you’re searching for? My services extend beyond the list provided, and I can assist with any matter that expats typically find challenging in Thailand. This includes tasks such as banking administration and handling financial transactions.

About me

In Thailand, nicknames are typically used instead of birth names. My nickname is Kiki.


I have a great love for exploring local cuisines and traveling.

My initial trips were during my academic years to South Korea and Taiwan, where I traveled to work on tax report projects with my classmates. As I progressed in my career, I was fortunate enough to travel to Europe and other parts of East Asia.

I came across distinct cultures that taught me the importance of embracing differences. Since, most of my clients are Westerners, I understand their preference for direct communication and detailed explanation.

My Qualification

My interest in law began before I enrolled at the university. I gained my initial experience as a part-time paralegal during my studies. Although my primary focus in my professional life has been on property law, I have also developed an interest in taxation.

I am a licensed Thai lawyer with attorney certification, which is required to represent clients in court trials. In addition, I am also a public notary with extensive experience and knowledge in areas such as property purchases, estate administration, company establishment, and family law.

LL.M. in Taxes Law

Thammasat University

Master’s classes gave me in-depth knowledge of the tax code, which had long been my interest. My advantage is that I offer the aforementioned services in line with the tax context. It ensures that a client’s issue is resolved efficiently from both legal and tax perspectives.


Passing the Thai Bar Association exam proves the comprehensive knowledge that extends far beyond the standard bachelor’s program.


Lawyers Council of Thailand

Only those who pass an exam, which is preceded by extensive practice under the supervision of a qualified attorney, are permitted to operate as individual attorneys and represent clients.

LL.B. in Civil and Criminal Law

Chulalongkorn University

I primarily focused on civic code and law because they closely accompany the life of every one of us, from the point of birth, through marriage, family life and property purchase up to retirement.

Director and Lawyer

Absolute Lawyer Hua Hin Limited

In my law office I face difficulties arising out during the legal process which mostly and immediately pop-up in the last minute before closing i.e. changing the term of payment, problem of transfer money from abroad, failure to furnish necessary documents required by the land office, invalid of Land Office Power of Attorney, expiration of passport, dispute of income tax of landlord/developer, even an incorrect of company minute of meeting etc. These are common issues that can cause a real estate transaction to fail, but I am prepared for the unexpected circumstances. Protecting your property interest is imperative to my legal practice.

Associate Lawyer

SCL Nishimura C&P Limited

(formerly Chavalit and Partner Limited)

I guided clients through the legal process and ensured that proper procedures were followed during the acquisition or sale of properties. Although I could not claim that every transaction I handled went smoothly, my detailed contract reviews resulted in a 100% accomplishment rate for property closings, regardless of the transaction size.


Why hire me?

Despite my sunny character and easy-going nature, I approach the issues that clients bring to me with seriousness.

I understand the fear and uncertainty that expatriates experience when making large transfers to purchase new homes, as I am well aware that things do not always go smoothly in Thailand. Rather than telling clients what they want to hear, I offer solutions based on facts and honesty because I care about their situation and future.

On the other hand, dealing with the inheritance procedures of a loved one who has passed away can be emotional. I realize the seriousness of the situation and compassionately guide clients through difficult times.

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